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Who is Valence

We are a Horde mythic raiding guild on Thrall. Valence was formed on Altar of Storms over eight years ago by the same leadership we have today. We have a long history of semi-competitive raiding starting way back with Karazhan. We transferred to Thrall during a 4-month recruitment drought in the middle of Mists and have called this our home ever since.

We've been doing this for a long time and consider ourselves a pretty laid back guild. If you're looking for a (mostly) helpful raiding guild, with proven stability and results, filled with experienced raiders, we might be a good fit!

Gamlial - Protection Paladin (GM)
Zaraika - Gladiator Warrior
Clawsdown - Guardian Druid
Caturday - Guardian Druid

Telestia - Frost Mage

Legacy Screenshots

We're Recruiting!

We are always looking for great raiders to fill our roster. Please send in an app below or talk to anyone in-game.

Raiding with Us

  • Raid Times: Tue-Thu, 8-midnight EST
  • Loot System: Free-roll for Raiders / 2-week Trial
  • Semi-competitive, casual atmosphere
  • Raid time is serious time
  • Usually doesn't suck

We consider ourselves a semi-competitive guild. We want to down content as quickly as possible, but we can't afford (nor want) to spend six nights a week doing it. So we make it a goal to surround ourselves with the right kind of raiders. Experience and gear is super awesome, but is actually not required for us. We want people who want to be here and who are happy to dedicate their time to the game.

We Are Interested In Players Who:

  • Actually enjoy competitive raiding
  • Can dedicate 3 full nights to it
  • Work hard to maximize their characters
  • Contribute to fights & strats in meaningful ways
  • Plan on being here for the entire expansion

And despite our current recruitment needs, we are always eager to take on exceptional players. If you think you're a good fit please fill out an application or talk to us in game. Anyone in guild will be happy to take your questions, but look for Clawsdown, Zaraika or Telestia for specifics!

Current Progression